Tune-Up / FMD (Full-Meal-Deal)
We offer basic and advanced tune-ups. An annual tune-up for your machine is the best way to ensure your data is safe and your computer is optimized.

Estimated Time: 1-2 Business day (depending on size and complexity)
For computers that are getting slower; have malware; have been well used and have never had a tune-up; require the hard drive to be reformatted or replaced; that have different software issues.
Summary: Back-up or recover data, remove malware/virus, first aid on Hard Drive, reinstall OS and all applications, upgrade all applications and operating system, organize and configure the computer, check for damaged files and viruses, rebuild directory, test computer.

  1. Back-up of your computer is run prior to any other service to ensure your data is safe.
  2. Hardware Diagnostics: we run an MRI (Mac Resource Inspector) on all computers before they come in for service and when service is completed. This can help find issues that may not have been known and also ensured that your Mac runs smoothly after service is completed.
  3. Software Diagnostics: for example, if the computer is running slow but hardware components are all in good condition, the issue might be software-related.
  4. Physically cleaning the computer including inside dust using compressed CO2.
  5. Updating your system to the latest Operating System.
  6. Updating all applications and installing new ones if required such as Microsoft Office.
  7. General Clean-up: Delete old files no-longer relevant like Installers and applications no longer running on current OS to free up space.
  8. Malware Removal.
  9. Running First Aid on the hard drive to help it last longer. We can also recommend HD upgrade for bigger storage.
  10. Repairing disk/permissions if needed.
  11. Follow-Up: A Tune-Up includes courtesy follow-up support for 14 days of pick-up. Call if you have any questions or problems such as how to connect your printer.