Set-Up / FMD (Full-Meal-Deal)
Our FMD or (Full Meal Deal) is a popular service of ours. Below is an outline of what is included.

Cost: $125 (no data transfer), $175 (with documents transfer)

  1. Name Label: Place customer name with clear plastic label on computer.
  2. Register AppleCare: Register computer in your name.
  3. Apple Software Updates: We will download all the Apple Software updates for you in a fraction of the time
  4. Configuration: Set time zone, set 2nd click on mouse
  5. Utilities: Repair Disk Permissions using Disk Utility
  6. Install Software: We will install and upgrade any purchased software such as VirusBarrier or MS Office
  7. Install Accessories: Ensure any devices such as mice, keyboards, printers are configured properly
  8. Install Useful applications: (a few of these are listed below)
    1. Skype – VOIP application to allow you to call or video chat
    2. FireFox – Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser.
    3. Google Earth – Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographic information program
    4. Google Chrome – Another popular browser.
    5. Flip for Mac – Provides Windows Media video and audio playback./li>
    6. VLC Player – Open Source media player that plays most formats.
    7. Mactracker – Complete Profile Information about your Mac.
    8. TeamViewer QuickSupport – Convenient Enterprise-Level Remote support.
    9. MEADIAcare – Health diagnostics and monitoring for your Mac
  9. Set-Up Email/iCloud: Configure Apple Mail with your email settings
  10. Remote Support: We configure your machine for remote support which will allow our technicians to provide instant remote support with a few clicks.
  11. Data Transfer: We will transfer your data from your Mac or PC. We will put all your important documents into the right place. Your Documents into your documents folder, your photos into iPhoto, and your music into iTunes.
  12. Basic Intro: Go over the basics and your data transfer with customer.
  13. Windows Email/Contacts Migration: Email migration to iCloud or Gmail is available. Suitable for persons using older POP based accounts such as Northwestel.