Set-Up / FMD (Full-Meal-Deal)
Our FMD or (Full Meal Deal) is a popular service of ours for setting-up your computer the first time. Below is an outline of what is included.

Cost: $125 (no data transfer), $175 (with documents transfer)

  1. Transfer data if required
  2. Check Warranty: See if  you’re eligible for an extended warranty
  3. Updating your system to the latest Operating System.
  4. Updating all applications
  5. Set-Up Email/iCloud: Configure Apple Mail with your email settings
  6. Installing new ones if required such as Microsoft Office, Intego VirusBarrier…
  7. Install Accessories: Ensure any devices such as mice, keyboards, printers are configured properly
  8. General Clean-up: Delete old files no-longer relevant like Installers and applications no longer running on current OS to free up space.
  9. Malware Removal.
  10. Repairing disk/permissions if needed.
  11. Follow-Up: A Tune-Up or Set-up includes courtesy follow-up support for 14 days of pick-up. Call if you have any questions or problems such as how to connect your printer.