Service Policies

Repairs Policies: Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Repairs
MEADIAsolutions provides Apple Authorized Service for all Macintosh models as well ad iPad and iPod. If you’re not sure if your computer is under warranty, check it here. If you are still within the one year limited warranty, call us to get AppleCare for your Mac or iPod. If your repair is not covered under warranty, we will provide an estimate. Visit our service request page or bring in your computer for a diagnosis and estimate.

  • If your issue is software related you may simply need a tune-up or system upgrade
  • A minimum $49 diagnostic fee will apply if no repair is requested for computers.
  • Your repair status can be tracked online.
  • We can dispose of old Macs and ensure your data is wiped.
  • If you have a Desktop Mac with AppleCare, you get onsite service for any warranty work needed.
  • We can arrange sales and service pick-ups and deliveries for added convenience.
  • We strive to complete repairs quickly and correctly. Repairs are completed on a first-in/first-out basis. If you urgently require same-day or next day service we do provide priority escalation for a fee.

Conditions of Depot Service

  • Two copies of a signed Service Request Order (SRO) will be required prior to any work being started.
  • Diagnostic service is defined as only determining the cause of the problem and giving the customer an estimate of the cost to repair, to be determined usually within two working days. It MUST be paid if no work is done.
  • Normal service is defined as requiring MEADIAsolutions to begin work on the equipment described on the work order as soon as possible, with priority being based on the date and time of receipt (first in/first out.)
  • Priority service is defined as requiring MEADIAsolutions to begin work on the equipment described on the work order within four business hours after receipt, it will be the next unit scheduled to enter service as soon as bench space permits.
  • Replacement of damaged hardware parts and related labor costs covered by vendor warranties will be honored within the limitations of those warranties, but only if the required “proof of purchase” documentation is provided at the time that service is requested or before the work is done. Any diagnostic and shipping charges will be passed on to the customer.
  • Under no circumstances will MEADIAsolutions replace damaged computers, printers, or monitors with new ones. All claims for such replacement must be directed by the customer directly to the hardware vendor.
  • Warranty repair service will NOT be performed on any equipment that has been abused, misused, neglected, shows evidence of exposure to liquid, or tampered with in any way by the customer or any third party.
  • MEADIAsolutions assumes no additional liability of any kind beyond that covered by the vendor’s limited warranty.
  • Warranty service is only provided for hardware repairs covered by the vendor’s limited warranty. All other services, including expired warranties, upgrades, software problems and data transfers are billable at normal hourly rates.
  • Issues caused by software or system are not covered by warranty beyond testing needed to verify the problem.
  • All customer data should be backed up prior to leaving equipment for service. MEADIAsolutions will, at all times, perform all services to the best of its ability, but will NOT be liable for the customer’s loss of data or information, loss of equipment use, loss of revenue or increased business costs due to its service performance.
  • All repair parts are covered by a ninety day warranty.
  • All Non-Warrranty repairs must be paid for upon completion of service.
  • Units left at MEADIAsolutions will be held for only 2 months. Unclaimed units will be disposed of at our discretion.
  • Please note, we will email or call you when repairs are completed, or if we need more information or are providing hardware repair estimates.