Enterprise Communication Protocol

To improve the level of support for our clients, MEADIAsolutions offers Support Tickets. This allows asyncronous communication for each support issue and to set priorty and assign the appropriate persons to deal with the issue. Tickets can be managed through email or through a web portal.

Support Tickets are granted by one of two sides :

  1. Those generated by MEADIAcare Monitoring software
  2. Those generated by Client

Client Service Tickets can be created through: (in order of preference)

  1. Service Portal: meadia.zendesk.com (Enterprise customers are given a login and password)
  2. Website Portal: meadia.net/service/request
  3. Email Portal: use MEADIAcare icon in Menu bar or support@meadia.zendesk.com
  4. Phone: 867-633-2787 x1 (Service) – This is less preferred for new issues.

Service Tickets Information Needed:

  1. Describe the issue in detail.
  2. One Service Tickets per issue.
  3. Who is being affected (include all persons affected in the CC of the Ticket)
  4. What computer(s) or device(s) is affected?
  5. When or how often does this issue occur?
  6. How urgent is this request?

Providing all required information when submitting the support ticket will greatly improve the time to resolve an issue. Once a ticket is created, further information and support can be scheduled via remote support or phone call.

iMessage or SMS may be used to expedite communications on occasion. However as these messages are sent to individuals, not a shared address, we prefer not to use this method for new or non-emergency issues.  Communication outside of business hours (unless previously agreed to) will be charged the emergency rates and not covered under regular service contracts.  Recurring non-emergency messages sent outside of business hours will result in that account being blocked from iMessage or SMS.