Enterprise Support

Apple Specialists of the North Enterprise Support Plans

Per Server: $500
Per Workstation: $150

Yearly Enterprise Support Plan for Apple Server.  Includes: Priority Support Response; Up to five hours of remote support (20 minute minimum); System updates for present system included. Back-Ups checked monthly; Access to Phone Support, Web Help Desk (email support) and TeamViewer Support. Includes Up to five hours of remote support for the year.  Email notification for Security Updates, Certificate Updates, Out of date Back-Ups.

Yearly Enterprise Support Plan per Workstation. Access to Phone Support, Team Viewer, and Web Help Desk. Up to two hours of remote support for the year. If no support is required, a tune-up will be given on the workstation at the end of the year ($150 value).  System updates for present system included. For remote customers, some system upgrades can be done remotely.

Benefits for your group or business:

  • Less Administration and Paperwork
  • Cost effective – if you don’t use the time, computers get a tune-up at no charge
  • Consolidation of Requests into one place (Web Help Desk)
  • Instant requests can be generated via email (Web Help Desk)
  • Optional Administration of support requests for your location (Web Help Desk)
  • Better productivity for your staff – they get the support then they need it.
  • Audit for all computers kept updates and available upon request.
  • Create support account for all staff

What is Team Viewer?

Team Viewer is our instant Remote Support. QuickSupport allows instant support when your staff most need it.  Italso allows us to monitor and run updates on your server on a regular basis.

What is Web Help Desk?

Keeps track of all your Support Requests in one place. All staff can easily submit a support request via email.