Mac Check-in Tips

There’s a few things you can do before you bring in your Mac that will make your check-in faster and easier, and will help us provide better service for you. It’s no problem if you can’t beforehand, they will be reviewed at check-in.

Important: Do not attempt any of these steps on a computer that may be liquid-damaged, is unsafe, or is showing signs of data loss. If your Mac has any of these issues, please discontinue use and bring it in as soon as possible.

Have A Current Backup

Customers are responsible for their data. It’s important to have a current backup if your computer is able to do one.

Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac

Know Your Apple ID and Password

You will have an Apple ID if you have ever downloaded an App from the App store, music from the iTunes store, or used any iCloud features.

Verify Your Apple ID Here

Reset/Recover a Forgotten Apple ID Here

If you need further assistance, we can help you at check-in.

Install MEADIAcare

MEADIAcare is a diagnostic tool that helps us get an overview of the health of your Mac. When possible, we will install this tool at check-in.

If your Mac is still starting normally and safe to use, installing it before arrival will save time at check-in.

  • Download the tool here
  • Open the file that downloads
  • Follow the on screen instructions to install.

Change Your Computer Log-in Password

We will change your Mac’s password to “yukon” (all lowercase, no quotes) during check-in to service your computer faster.

If your Mac is still starting normally and safe to use, changing it before arrival will save time at check-in.

To change your password in OS X:

  • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu (Upper Left Corner)
  • Click on Users & Groups
  • Select your user name from the list
  • Click the Change Password button
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and change your password to “yukon” (all lowercase, no quotes).

What To Bring

A Time Machine Backup Device if you have one. Recovering from backups is necessary for some repairs. If your device is a Time Capsule, you may leave it at home.

If your issue is power or battery related, bring your power cable with you. We may need to check it for damage. Otherwise, keep it at home.

Leave accessories at home, unless it’s an issue with the accessory itself. This means any bags, cables, keyboards, mice and unrelated storage devices should stay behind. We will not accept them during check-in.

Before You Arrive

There’s a few more simple things that you can do before you arrive that will make your check-in faster and easier.

Know your reference number if you have one – If you’ve been given a reference number, providing it during check-in will save a lot of time.

Join Our Waitlist – Include your reference number and ETA in the notes. This reserves your spot in line for check-in, and will reduce your wait times on arrival.

Make sure you have time for check-in – Check in typically takes 15-20 minutes, not including wait times.

Check Our Hours – Our Hours are Tueday through Satuday 9am-5:30pm.