iOS Check-in Tips

There’s some simple steps you can take before bringing your device in for service that will save a lot of time.

All of the things below are required for any kind of device repair. If you are unable to complete one of them, don’t worry; we can provide further assistance at check in.

Make an Appointment

iPhone, iPads, iPods and Apple Watch repairs must be checked-in by appointment.

You can book an appointment online through Apple’s Website: Apple Product Support

Know your Apple ID and Password

You will have an Apple ID if you have ever downloaded an App, music from the iTunes store, or used any iCloud features.

Verify Your Apple ID Here

Reset/Recover a Forgotten Apple ID Here

If you need further assistance, we can help you at check-in.

Back Up Your Data

Many repairs require erasing the device or a full device replacement, and there is always a risk of data loss when working with any kind of computer equipment. Backups are necessary if you are concerned about your data.

Backup services by us are available for a fee, and data recovery services are available for devices that no longer power on.

iCloud Backups

iCloud Backups can be done with a WiFi internet connection and an Apple ID, even without access to a computer.

Please ensure the iCloud backup completes before bringing in the device.

How to Configure iCloud backups

iTunes Backups

You can perform an iTunes Backup on a Mac or PC, even if you do not have an iCloud account or reliable internet connection.

Important Note: If you password protect your backup, please write down and do not loose the password you set. Recovery of this password is usually impossible. All future backups made with your phone will be encrypted with it. Recovering from encrypted backups requires the password, as does turning off backup encryption.

How to perform iTunes backups

Turn off Find My Device

Apple requires Find My Device to be disabled for all iOS Device Repairs.

On any iOS device that still turns on;

  • Go to Settings > iCloud
  • Tap to turn off Find My [device]

If your device no longer powers on, you can disable Find My Device by following the instructions here.

Important Note: Do not use Find My Device to erase a device you may wish to recover data from. We will not be able to recover data from an erased device.

Just Before You Arrive

There’s a few simple steps you can take to make check-in easier and wait times shorter.

Bring your reference number, if you have one -Providing your reference number (S-12345 for example) will save time during check-in.

Make sure you have enough time to complete the check-in. Check-in typically takes 15-20 minutes not including wait times, but can be shorter by following the steps above.

Check Our Hours – Our hours are below. We are closed Holidays.

We look forward to seeing you!