MEADIAcare brings enterprise-level monitoring of Mac computers to our customers. It helps notify of important issues about your computer before they become serious.

With MEADIAcare we can notify for:

  1. Back-up is out of date
  2. Malware notification
  3. Drive capacity full
  4. Drive failure imminent
  5. AppleCare eligibility reminder
  6. System and hardware issues
  7. Annual tune-up reminder

No personal information about your computer is shared. MEADIAcare will help us to notify you conveniently through email about any issues about your Mac. MEADIAcare is included with all set-ups and tune-up’s at no charge. If you do not want MEADIAcare on your computer, it can quickly be removed by our staff or yourself.

Remove Option 01:
Go to System Preferences -> MEADIAcare -> Unlock Window (bottom left) -> Click Operation Tab -> Click Uninstall Client.

Remove Option 02:
Send us a message and we will set it to remove itself.

MEADIAcare Monitoring is included with all service at no charge.

MEADIAcare is included with all service contracts. Customers with service contracts will also get their own login to view the status of all their computers including if a computer is missing. Look for the MEADIcare icon in your menu bar. You can click on it to send in support requests, follow-up questions and launch TeamViewer remote support.