MacDefender Fake Virus Causing Problems

Published: May 11, 2011

MacDefender (or in some cases, MacProtector. They’re both the same) is a fake antivirus program which has been aggressively targeting Macintosh Computers. It starts with a pop-up window that appears to be a legitimate anti-virus program running a scan of your computer. This happens without your authorization. Once this software completes its (fake) scan of your system (which only takes a few seconds), you then see numerous pop-up windows telling you your system is infected with a virus. The software then prompts you to buy a full version of their software. If you refuse, the next step this software takes is to start popping up some very inappropriate webpages (eg. gay porn, viagra etc.) to convince you that there is indeed something wrong with your computer.

DO NOT give these people your credit card number. This software is not a real anti-virus program and offers absolutely no protection. Since this software is the cause of the problem, it can make the problems disappear, but it does not remove itself from your system. You then have malicious software running in the background, possibly waiting to re-appear, or even potentially logging your keystrokes, etc., and also, you’ve then given your credit card number to a company that has already proven itself un-ethical.

FEAR NOT! We are here to help you! If you’ve already purchased VirusBarrier from us, and you’ve been running your updates, then you’re already protected and you will instead see a window like the one below.

MacDefender Malware
If you don’t already have an Antivirus solution, we are offering a web special on VirusBarrier. Bring your system in for a Tune-up (value $99) and we will install VirusBarrier on your Mac computer at no charge.

Also, for those of you who are comfortable with your Mac, below you will find a (fairly) simple procedure to remove this malicious software from your computer. I still strongly recommend that you install VirusBarrier (or at least an equivalent anti-virus package). If you’re like to purchase VirusBarrier ($49 – price valid until May 31), please contact us.

Step 1 – Open Activity Monitor (from the “Utilities” folder). This folder can be found by selecting “Go” from the Finder Menu, or in the “Applications” folder.

Step 2 – Make sure the drop-down menu at the top of Activity Monitor is set to “all processes”.

Step 3 – Use the search field (top right-hand corner) in Activity Monitor to search for MacDefender (or MacProtector).

Step 4 – Click the MacDefender (or MacProtector) process to select it, and then click the “Quit Process” button (looks like a Stop Sign). Then click “Force Quit” on the window which appears.

Step 5 – Open the “Applications” folder and drag the MacDefender (or MacProtector) application to the Trash. Then EMPTY THE TRASH.

Step 6 – Open System Preferences (in the Apple menu). Click on Accounts. On the right side of the window (near the top), click on “Login Items”. Select MacDefender (or MacProtector) and click the minus sign (near the bottom) to remove it from the login items list.