MEADIAsolutions is a proud sponsor of the ALFF. We will be closing at 2pm Feb. 13 and all staff will be attending the film we sponsored. http://yukonfilmsociety.com/alff/program-detail/children-of-the-arctic

We get a lot of sponsorship requests every week and enjoy supporting the community. We plan our sponsorship quarterly which means we need to know about your event 3 months before-hand and that you deliver a letter outlining your request along with  our ROI (Return on Investment). What can you do to promote our business in return for sponsorship, donation or in-kind contributions? We will consider requests that are less than three months, but not less then three weeks. In-Kind contributions such as our expertise and loaning of equipment (Digital Signage, Laptops, iPads) are easiest to accommodate.

Some of our sponsorship contributions and events